Saturday, 30 June 2012

Thanks to ALLAH ♥

Ceritanya bermula sebegini . . .
i kenal sorang mamat nie okey nama palsu Ali (bukan nama sebenar). After breakup with myBF , i knl dia . i x thu dia nie jenis perangai mcm mne . Then, kenal pnye kenal seronok berborak-borak (contoh) , mx nbr fone . Apa yang i thu die memang friendly dgn semua perempuan. aceceh, dah mcm sweettalker plk. but now. kitaorng dh x ada apa apa. Then i hope he really happy with the GIRL . 

one week ago...
i call myBF yang i dah breakup tuh (bukan ALI) , i tnye dia how about our relay ? did u still LOVE me ? then, i want u changes ur attitude first, then i also. We are decide to be bestfriends. but he can accept me to be his friend, because he said "i still love u, hunny" . we give time to ourself to think about this . then, when i meet him, we make a desicion to getback together :)) . This is my true love . because only HIM can know me as well . ♥ ♥  . Oktober coming soon, our relay will be 2 years and 9 months♥ 

P/S: u always in my hearts  ♥ 

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